Some 74 percent of professors aged 49-67 plan to delay retirement past age 65 or never retire at all, so let’s face it, you need help. Here are some resources that will be update as I find them (or they’re pointed to me!). This will be perma-linked in the upper right-hand corner!

General research advice

You and your research by Richard Hamming. A classic which everyone should read.

Terence Tao’s collection of career advice, from primary school to postdoc

Having the courage to build your own non-academic career path by Carla Davidson

Advice for Academic Authors by Kwan Choi

Writing Tips for Ph.D. Students by John Cochrane

The Professor Is In

Applying to grad school

Choosing a PhD program: what’s important and what’s not and How to choose a PhD program

How to get into an animal behavior graduate program: an outline, getting good recommendation letters, and getting research experience

PhD-level advice

Networking on the network: a guide to professional skills for PhD students by Phil Agre

A PhD is not enough! by Peter J Feibelman (pdf)

Some modest advice for graduate students by Stephen C. Stearns

A survival guide to starting and finishing a PhD by Nathan Yau

Pro-tips for graduate students (especially in bio/statistics): parts one, two, and three

How not to suck at grad school

Getting the right kind of mentorship by Mark Christie

Ph.D. Thesis Research: Where do I Start? by Don Davis

A Few Tips for Being a More Sucessful Graduate Student by Darren Lubotsky

How to Survive Your First Year of Graduate School in Economics by Matthew Pearson

Q&A: Experienced Advice for “Lost” Graduate Students in Economics by Ariel Rubinstein

Giving an Academic Talk by John Shewchuck

Ten lessons I wish I had been taught by Gian-Carlo Rota

The Complete Guide to Getting into an Economics PhD program by Miles Kimball

Top 5 traits of the worst advisors by The Professor Is In

Growing Up In Science by Wei Ji Ma

Job-level advice

Cumulative impact factor benchmarking. What does it take to get a tenure-track job?

Negotiating your academic job offer by Chris Blattman

PubChase has a forum for career questions. There are many great answers.

How to get tenure at a major research university by Sean Carroll

A Guide and Advice for Economists on the U.S. Junior Academic Job Market by John Cawley

The Young Economist’s Guide to Professional Etiquette by Daniel Hamermesch

How North American ecology faculty search committees work by Jeremy Fox

Who am I? Defining your identity on the tenure track by The New PI

What happens on a search committee? and What’s the timeline for a job search? by Psycgirl

Your ticket to independence: a guide to getting your first principal investigator position.

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